Tuesday, 26 March 2013

vodafone 3g speed in nmd vpn trick in march 2013

                                          vodafone 3g speed in nmd vpn trick


hello freinds, 
                    new vodafone tricks based on keburan nmd vpn. nmd vpn is my favrite because nmd fast and
                   easy to use.

nmd vpn 
  1. working in (raj.) confirmed
  2. work in 2g and 3g mode
  3. http and https suported
  4. play  you tube video
  5. download support via idm

                                                 download nmd vpn 
                                                vodafone config file

nmd vpn  config.

  1. install nmd vpn 
  2. download and extrect vodafone config file in c:/program/nmd vpn/config.
  3. then put your user name and pass. in pass.txt file and save it
  4. and connect in keburan config. and enjoy 3g speed download

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